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About Akitas

Akitas are bright but reserved dogs. They are very happy in the own environment, but they are possessive.

Adults Akitas should not act stupid or run around as if mad and should not be prone to timidity, all of these characteristics are personality faults. So said they should not be overly aggressive either.

Like all good pets Akitas are very affectionate animals and adore humans, they show no signs of aggression to humans who mind their own business. They will protect their human family and be very defensive toward strangers who approach their homes uninvited. Akitas make good watch dogs, however it is unadvisable to teach security training.

When you look at a 2-3 month old Akita puppy it is hard to visualize it as an adult so it is important to see the parents and if possible the adult offspring from previous litters.

Akita puppy ears are folded down until it is about 9 -14 weeks of age,their tails begin to curl by about the 4th week and by 8 weeks the typical Akita tail should be apparent.

An Akita usually grows to its maximum height by 18 months- 2 years and then adds bulk until about 5 years. An adult Akita can weigh in excess of 100lb (45kg).